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STEM4ME Grants are supported by

Our focus is on encouraging students to create real-world solutions to problems in areas such as renewable energy, ecology, automation, space science and sustainable food production, integrating wherever possible the arts and humanities.


Recipients of STEM4ME grants are encouraged to work in small entrepreneurial teams, combining classroom knowledge with real-world experience. 

Mentorship by experienced educators, working relation-ships with  Maine businesses, and links to existing programs at Maine's colleges and universities are being encouraged and supported.

An important component of this grant program is providing technical know how and coaching to help teams set priorities, measure progress and communicate results.

Above all, we hope to fire the imagination of participating students, thereby developing or reinforcing their interest in pursuing an engineering or technical career.

  • Eligibility: Publicly funded middle schools, high schools and academies

  • Number of available grants: up to 5

  • Grant amount: up to $5K

  • Grant duration: up to 2 years

  • Objective: create real-world solutions to problems in areas such as renewable energy, ecology, automation, space science and sustainable food production integrating wherever possible the arts and humanities

  • Applicant:  educator serving in the role of project manager

  • Participants: students with complementary skills working in small focused teams

  • Methodology: hands-on application of classroom knowledge in math, science, engineering, computer technology, the arts and humanities augmented by outreach to members of Maine's scientific, engineering, creative  and business community

  • Reporting: students are responsible for documenting and promoting their projects using web based tools such as Facebook, blogs and video

  • Preference: projects that involve collaboration with existing programs at Maine's colleges, universities and not-for-profit research and/or educational organizations

  • Use of Funds: funds are to be used for equipment, supplies, and attending conferences; funds may not be used to subsidize  existing curriculum and programs, or for teacher stipends



Key Funding Parameters

Letters of Interest are now being accepted for the 2014/15 academic year.
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